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its ok but need some improvments

i just think that its gorey BUT someof the gore isnt really gore at all. i meen that its gore when you actully have good and i meen good like extream detail in the blood and guts and all that. now i love gore but this kinda left me disappointed in someways. you could try to add more detail and add more gore. some of the gore was just not very much detailed and you could add a scean that they get ripped appart part by part flesh by flesh down to the very bone. NOW there are some other movies out there that have better quailty but i give this a 3 not enough gore and needs alot more work to have better quality and detail in the blood and such. nice try just keep at it.

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you did nothing for this thing at all...

i use this kind of software for music and i used magix music maker....all you did was use robotica sample thing and tuned it by sliding some bars down and such.... you could at least try to use this by modifying it into a song... im sorry but u get nothing from me 0/5 0/10


Ok first its an ok song. Won't say much about it but for one the vocals need alot of work....and some of the instuments don't really work for the mood. I like classical rock but this... ehh its alright. 5/10 3/5

You know....

I can't believe it. This is one of the best remixs I heard. It's really good. I can't tell you to change anything and I am hard to impress and you my friend outdone yourself. Nothing I hear can beat this. You got some talent to make this kinda music.
keep going and keep making.


Hi my name is Nick and i love video games. I make my own games. currently i am working on a mmorpg. Someday i hope to get it full. i have alot of game systems and i love to write poetry and hang with my freinds.

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